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Cleanings and You: Common Questions

Who doesn’t love their teeth to look nice and shiny? If you are a big fan of showing off your pearly whites to all of your friends, then of course you will fall into this category. Taking good care of your teeth isn’t only important for making them look amazing, but it is also highly important for the ongoing health of your mouth, too! When it comes to your teeth, if you don’t take good care of them, you could end up losing them later on.

One of the best things you can do for your teeth is to go for a teeth cleaning with your dentist. What if you have a few questions beforehand? Let’s check out some of the most frequent questions asked about dental cleanings so you have a good idea of how they can really help you.

1. When should I go for a cleaning?

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You should plan on trying to go for your teeth cleaning once every six months, or twice a year. This is good for a few reasons, as you get your teeth super white and clean two times a year, and it also gives the dentist a chance to easily notice any problems that could be present in your mouth, which means any potential issues could be caught early.

2. What does a cleaning cost?

Dental cleanings are not expensive, and might even be covered by your insurance. If your cleaning is not covered by your insurance, don’t worry too much about it, because cleanings can usually be done for right around $100, though every dentist will most likely have different prices for their services.

3. Do teeth cleanings hurt?

Your cleaning shouldn’t hurt you. If there is any pain, it could be because you are experiencing an issue such as gingivitis, which your dentist will help you address if it is present.

As you can see, getting a cleaning twice a year is a great way to help keep your mouth happy and healthy. To begin reaping the benefits of a healthy mouth for yourself, plan on making an appointment with dental cleaning stockbridge professionals who will get your teeth looking beautiful in no time at all.

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